How Much Interior Rendering Services Cost and Why

How Much Interior Rendering Services Cost and Why

室内渲染和可视化是将室内设计的三维模型转换为3D动画,VR或二维图像的过程。High-quality freelance rendering services可以说是开发人员和卖家向投资者和客户展示项目的最佳工具。

They display a hyper-realistic visualization of design ideas filled with extensive details of the inner parts of a structure, including furniture pieces, floors, wall colors, lighting, as well as patterns and textures.



Since renders are true-to-life depictions of physical objects, they’re entirely different from a photograph or video footage. They’re not as authentic as a still photo, but that is only because rendering has no limitations in terms of image manipulation. A3D furniture rendering servicecan set up the viewing angle, lighting, and just about every detail in whatever way they choose.

There is also the undeniable advantage of the flexibility that computer-generated imagery can be modified over and over again to change any element on screen. As a presentation and marketing tool, the possibilities are limitless. With all those advantages,内部渲染服务do not come cheap.

The Main Cost Components


  • Labor
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Post-production
  • Image size
  • Source materials supplied (reference images, briefs, files, etc.)
  • 最后期限

Every company sets its own pricing. Most companies also offer a service range for every budget. However, you can roughly estimate thecost of interior rendering as anywhere between $300–$750 for a residential building or private property and $400–$1500 for一个商业设施。如果项目需要外部和平面图的3D渲染,则成本会增加。更高质量的工作也需要更密集的劳动。

Things to Remember


  • There is no such thing as standard pricing for 3D rendering services. Since each project is unique and with its own set of challenges, it’s almost impossible to set standard prices. Inexperienced companies will most likely charge less, but this does not always mean you get a good deal. Quality matters a lot.
  • 价格通常是可以谈判的,尤其是如果您愿意提供尽可能多的原始资料。如前所述,这些材料可能包括参考图像,文件(渲染3D模型)和清晰的简介。期望公司确切地知道您想要什么,以最大程度地减少以后的修订机会。广泛的原始资料可以减少研究的大部分劳动力成本。
  • Affordability is a good thing. Unfortunately, with harsh competition in the market, there are some rampant companies trying to sell decent-looking images at very low (almost impossible) prices, which can be either a great deal or a burning red flag. Cross question such companies and ask for previous records. A lot of三维建模servicesuse stock images to mislead potential clients.
  • A company with good communication skills comes highly recommended. While they do a lot of the hard work, you’re in charge of the project. For every milestone, the company must earn your approval. A professional will ask for and listen to your feedback.

通常,在$ 500到1,000美元的内部渲染之间的工作质量可能并不那么明显。作为客户,您必须考虑其他因素,例如修订频率,质量控制,沟通和技能水平。

Still Images vs. 3D Animation

In addition to the size of the project, the type of rendering plays a significant factor too. All things equal, there is a big difference in cost between the rendering of a sunroom and kitchen.

Moreover, renderings in the static image format are almost always more affordable than VR let alone 3D animation. A static image is exactly that, and 3D animation as well as VR requires a lot of still renders to build a digital video.



Image size @72 ppi for web Image size @ 300 ppi for print
334×432 1391×1800
360×466 1500×1941
576×745 2400×3106
612×792 2550×3300
792×1025 3300×4271
1335×1728 5563×7200


A3D architectural service通常将从相对较高的分辨率图像开始,例如,在400 ppi时为8000 x 8000,用于20平方英寸的广告牌。一旦准备就绪,将其缩放到仅40 ppi,以减小尺寸而不会显着影响可见性。

Details Exposed

高分辨率图像看起来更好,通常包含更多细节。你有自由问一个3D内部渲染服务to create an intensively detailed rendering of an interior to highlight the otherwise subtle components.

You have to make it clear the first time so professionals can do the work in a more manageable manner, up to the tiniest details. Without clear instructions, the result is at the mercy of an artists’ imagination, as they don’t know your preferences and requirements.

Number of Still Images to Render




Timing is another important factor that affects cost. A project run in no hurry and without a looming deadline should come with standard pricing, predetermined by the rendering artists themselves. An urgent order is a different story as far as cost is concerned, even more so when the company you hire has to either bring some more hands onto the team or work overtime.

A larger CGI studio is capable of handling a large project on a tight deadline. There is no shortage of computing power and in-house professionals to expedite the work. Be prepared to spend a bigger budget than you would otherwise expect to pay if hiring, let’s say, anindividual freelancer.





Some services use per-project pricing strategy, while others take per-image approach. The former is more suitable for larger project where multiple interior rendering images are required. You send the company details of the project, and the company replies with a customized quote based on the information.

On the other hand, per-image pricing means a fixed-price for every rendered image. Despite such pricing strategy, CGI artists are willing to charge less for a client ordering two or more rendered images. It is not a discount; it is just that the initial setup for the first rendering process can be pretty intensive, but then it becomes more manageable afterward.